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Room & Board Studio has been in operation since 1989 which has been a private production room untill recently. It is more of a band or project oriented studio to come camp out and make a record than a commercial room that is all tweaked out every day for the next client.


Located in Berry Hill since 2008 it is a very vibey creative atmosphere with large 20 ft ceilings.          A live yet warm tracking space as well as ISO rooms and a dedicated anechoic vocal room.  

Full of a very large arsenal of original vintage recording equiptment, tape machines, 1962 Telefunken tube console, loads of vintage tube condenser mics, most of the RCA ribbon mics, the important dynamic mics and so much classic class A outboard gear that there Is not enough room to list. Also loaded with vintage guitars, amps, classic drums set up to go and the important keyboards. All the sought after sounds you would want to make great recordings.                         


The analog recording signal path is based around a 1979 MCI JH114, all discrete 16 track 2” dream machine with brand new heads that never touched tape till January 2016. The front end is all tube Telefunken V76s or V76m preamps as well as other options of tube Altecs, api 312’s and more.


The digital recording side is an Apogee Symphony based 24 track HD Pro Tools 12 system monitored through a custom class A discrete 56 channel console. The system will boot up off an older Pro Tools 10 operating system if needed. Although there are many plugins the racks are full of real vintage compressors, eq’s and other sought after classics that the digital versions are modeled after.

Go to CONTACT   if you want to come visit the the studio or inquire about rates and availability.

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